Whether it is a room of their own, an apartment, or a house, a home can offer stability and a chance to be part of a community. To most people, "home" means much more than shelter. For people with a mental illness, home can be a space to live in dignity and move toward recovery.

Many factors will influence where you live, such as:

  • How much will it cost? What can I afford?
  • Do I qualify for assistance?
  • If I share my living space, will my housemates be compatible?
  • How safe is the area?
  • Is the house, apartment, or room in good condition?
  • How much support will I need?

Public Housing

Rent is based on twenty-five percent of your gross monthly income or the amount provided for shelter for people receiving social assistance. These properties are managed by the Manitoba Housing Authority (MHA) and are owned by the Manitoba Provincial Government.

Office Locations

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South West
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North Central District
Interlake/Gimili Satellite

Co-op Housing

Co-ops are controlled by their residents, who are members with a voice and a vote in decisions about their housing. About half of all co-op households pay a monthly charge geared to their income. Government funds cover the difference between this payment and the co-op's full charge.

Manitoba Office

Phone: 204-989-5963
Fax: 204-487-6407
Toll Free: 1-888-591-3301
Website: www.chfc.ca

Private Market

Rental units are owned and managed for profit by individuals and corporations. Regulations must be followed by the Residential Tendancies Act of Manitoba.

Manitoba Office

Phone: 204-945-2476
Fax 204-945-6273
Toll Free: 1-800-782-8403
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Non-Profit Housing

Non Profit Housing is a form of housing developed and managed on a not-for-profit basis. It provides affordable housing for individuals with low or moderate incomes.

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Mental Health Housing Programs:

Supported Living – Residential Services 

Sara Riel Community Rehabilitation Program

Salvation Army - The Haven