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"MISSING" Guide - A guide for families and friends of individuals with a mental illness who have gone missing. This is a step-by-step resource designed to help families and friends understand their options and take concrete steps to help find their loved one.

MISSING outlines steps that family and friends can take to build awareness of the situation in the community and to supplement the efforts of the police.



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School Mental Health program guide

Our educators have been called upon to be a leader, role model, sounding board, voice of encouragement and mentor to the hundreds of students that cross their path each year. Lately though, they are facing more and more instances of students who aren’t able to be active participants in their learning because of emotional or mental health concerns and this has lead to many of our educators feeling stressed, overwhelmed, fatigued, under supported, ill informed or powerless.

Teachers can play a very important and supportive ongoing role in the lives of students struggling with mental health problems - when provided with training, tools and techniques that make sense to educators and students. Our team of adolescent mental health professionals at, directed by Dr. Stan Kutcher, offers training programs and resources for educators to get solutions to their concerns around school mental health.

School Mental Health Package
"Mental Wellness Today is Your Partner in Mental Wellness, providing you with inspiring stories, recovery resources, information, and hope, to help you on your path to mental wellness."

Promoting Student Mental Health
Expect advice and school resources for understanding disorders and getting help