The Mental Health Education Resource Centre of Manitoba is proud to present a new category specifically on death, dying, and grieving.  We are the only one of its kind in Manitoba to have a specific section of Dr. Alan Wolfelt’s grieving collection. 

Dr. Alan Wolfelt is a respected author, educator, and grief counselor.  His books and videotapes are among the most respected (and most used!) educational resources for the bereaved and bereavement caregivers.  Recipient of the Association for Death Education and Counseling’s Death Educator Award, he serves as the Director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition, in Fort Collins, Colorado.  He is also a faculty member of the University of Colorado Medical School’s Department of Family Medicine.

In addition to presenting dozens of keynotes and workshops across North America each year, Dr. Wolfelt facilitates 4-day training seminars for bereavement caregivers in Fort Collins.  Dr. Wolfelt is a popular media resource who regularly provides his expertise to many top-tier television shows, newspapers, and magazines.

"Of all the books I've read since my son was killed (and there are plenty), this one would be at the top of the recommendation list for the bereaved to read. It thoroughly covers every facet of grief that one will ever experience along the journey. For once, I had my own worst time of day acknowledged and explained. In our mourning-avoiding society, this book validates and fortifies the bereaved. In addition, Dr. Wolfelt adeptly and compassionately shows the way to integrate grief into a positive transformation toward a new life of hope as our loved ones would want us to live." – a reader About: Understanding Your Grief – Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart