Women's Issues

Women's Mental Health

Mental illness affect women differently than men. Prevalence rates of depression and anxiety disorders as well as psychological distress are higher for women. It is important for doctors to consider the links between depression, anxiety and the reproductive cycle when women are seeking help.

Researchers are now figuring out the contributions of biological and psychosocial factors to mental health and mental illness in both women and men. They are currently studying the special problems of treatment for serious mental illness during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Women’s mental health needs differ across their life span; childbearing years, as a teenager, menopausal years and as a elderly woman.

There is a range of issues particular for women and their mental health including; alcohol and drug dependency in women, recovery from childhood incest and sexual abuse, surviving violence and battering, eating disorders, as well as various forms of anxiety, depression and psychoses in women.