A person's spirit weaves together relationships and activities in different areas of their life into a web of meaning, purpose and a value for life. Spiritual practices can offer solace, hope, or a means of regaining health.

The Benefits of Spirituality:

Spirituality is a source of important beliefs and values.

Many people find the root of important values they hold and the ethical principles they believe in, in a spiritual tradition. Others develop values and principles for how to live life from sources other than a formal religion.

Spirituality is a source of positive relationships and a sense of community.

Some people find that becoming involved with a group of people who share the same spiritual beliefs and values enriches their life. They become a member of the church, find a faith community, a study group, a twelve-step program or a group of people following the same spiritual path.

Spiritual practices are a source of comfort and healing.

Many people find spiritual practices help to understand and accept the suffering they have experienced, and helps them feel better about themselves.

* Adapted from Pathways to Recovery-A Strengths Recovery Self-Help Workbook by Priscilla Ridgeway, Diane McDiarmid et al.