The Mental Health Education Resource Centre contains a large lending library with many reading materials, videos, training kits, newsletters, brochures and fact sheets on mental health and related issues. Two research computers are available for searching the MHERC library and internet.

The Mental Health Education Resource Centre of Manitoba (MHERC) is a provincial resource promoting knowledge exchange operated by the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society.  To promote mental health and educate about mental illness in an effort to encourage Manitobans to seek treatment early and to reduce the prejudice and discrimination that exists towards people with a mental illness.

All resources are available for loan, free of charge.

MHERC services include:

Reading Materials & Videos

An up-to-date collection of books, videos, journals, presentation kits, and newsletters on mental health, covering many different aspects within mental health including topics such as:

  • Mental Health Issues
  • Recovery/Personal Stories
  • Best Practices
  • Seniors, Men, Women, Children/Youth
  • Indigenous concerns
  • Gay, Lesbian, Trans gender, Bi-sexual
  • Suicide
  • Medications
  • and more...

Electronic Resources

The Centre has on-site public-access computers available to search the internet for information and word processing.  Printing service is available upon request at a fee.


MHERC Staff are available to provide information on provincial mental health services, community presentations and workshops upon knowledge, and self help organizations. MHERC does NOT provide one on one consultation and counselling services.

Everyone across the province are welcome to use the resources including, individuals with mental illness,  friends and families, doctors, service providers, educators, caregivers and the general public. 

Free membership is available to all Manitobans.  To borrow from the library you need to reside in Manitoba, complete a registration form.