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This undersigned agrees to accept the responsibility of making restitution due to loss or damage to MHERC MB materials while in his/her possession. The borrower is responsible for returning materials by due date. Fees will be charged for overdue materials @ .40/per day per item. Email address is kept confidential only used for reminder for items checked out unless signed for newsletter notices.

Borrowing Procedures

By registering, you agree to MHERC's library borrowing procedures as follows:

  1. A library registration form must be completely filled out and signed. Present with current address, either a Manitoba driver’s license or Manitoba Health card. Out of city borrower’s will complete form via email or online (website).
  2. There is no charge for a membership.
  3. The lending period for any of the resource materials is two weeks. Items may be renewed for two more weeks, up to four times, by phone, email or in person are accepted if the resource is not in high demand or on reserve.
  4. Individual is responsible for all items checked out in his/her name.
  5. Reminder calls or email will be made on overdue items. A fine will be charged for overdue material of 40 cents per day on each item with a maximum of $10.50.
  6. Should material be lost, full replacement cost will be charged to the person whose authorized signature is on the registration form.
  7. All reference material, vertical file material and journals must be reviewed in the library. Photocopies may be requested within copyright regulations at a fee.
  8. For those unable to visit the Resource Centre, due to lack of transportation, rural location etc., we will mail out resources and it will be your responsibility to have resources mailed back by due date. The due date will be 3 weeks for mailing purposes or bus.